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Customised web site: the original site for your unique project

1: Infonia will advise you

We have experience with hundreds of web projects from different disciplines.

We pass this experience to your unique project.

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  • Care for the content
  • Helpdesk
  • Complete management of domain
  • Content Management System
  • Statistics

2: Tailor made application

  • Our team of developers is ready to handle even the most demanding specific requirements.
  • Tell us your idea and we will create complete solutions.
  • We are able to integrate email, database, web and internal information system with your site.


  • Limited as the full language versions
  • Complete translations
  • Professional translation

3: Graphics, video, audio

  • Infonia proposes a completely new design and implement the redesign on existing sites or parts thereof.
  • We place emphasis on ease of navigation, clarity of content, good color continuity and easy readability of text. Rely heavily on clear site structure.
  • We create classic designs and interactive animations in Flash, 3D, Cinema and After Effects.

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