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Web sites for the owners of residential units


Simplify your work in the owners partnership

Web sites from Infonia for owners of residential units are tailored to the specific requirements of these organizations. Serves mainly the owners of units, the committee and tenants.

Most used features are informational section area for comments and suggestions and voting.

For owners

  • Announcements (bulletin board)
  • Gallery for further use
  • Files of documents relating to the laws and their consequences, tax issues
  • Plans
  • Links to institutions and services
    • the authorities
    • the manager
    • the mechanic
    • cleaning company
  • Interactive Google Maps
  • Invitations to meetings and other events
  • Acreage, the amount due
    • connection to the database administrator

For the committee

  • Restricted area for committee members
  • Mass summons to all owners, tenants and others interested


  • Database of members and owners
  • Each owner may have other associated persons, such as family members, tenants.
  • They can choose to change data, add partners, tenants


  • Bulletin Board for Messages 
  • Suggestions and complaints
  • Vote by size of dwelling
  • Vote by other groups - such as garage
  • Minutes of meetings, assemblies
    • including documentation
    • comments

Communication with the controller and suppliers

Try it yourself

  • See a fully functional demo site at svj.infonia.com (website in czech language)
  • Login: test1
  • Password: test1

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