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Sports Websites

Sports websites differ from other websites in a number of ways

They have a pre-defined and loyal readership, being visited on a frequent basis by athletes, fans, coaches, members of the press and the opposition!

Visitors are looking for scores, match reports, photographs, videos, upcoming fixtures and more.

Your visitors

Visitors are largely looking for

  • Match results and upcoming fixtures
  • Photo and video galleries
  • Chat forums
  • Athlete profiles and polls
  • Sports equipment, clothing and other branded merchandise
  • Sports tours and betting

Site partnerships

  • Sports sites attract sponsors and investment, and can be a significant source of revenue and income depending on the number of visitors.

Why Infonia?

  • Sports websites are Infonia's speciality, as Managing Director, Jan Machacek and Infonia's management staff are athletes themselves, and are passionate about all aspects of sport.
  • With their inside knowledge of the sporting world, Jan and his team are brilliantly positioned with an informed knowledge of what the visitor really wants from a website; enabling Infonia to deliver finely-tuned bespoke sites.

Our work

  • Pontypridd RFC: Wales-(UK)-based Rugby Football Club
  • Prague Panthers: Prague-based American Football Club
  • Slavia Prague RFC: Prague-based Rugby Football Club
  • "We help you grow": Czech Football Association
  • RUGBY CZ: Rugby News
  • Czech Lacrosse Union
  • Czech Rowing Association
  • Račice Sports Center: Štětí-based Water Sports Centre
  • Blesk VK: Prague-based Rowing Club
  • And many many more...

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