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SEO Optimisation

Bring the right visitors to your web site

If your site does not reach the right people, investing in them was unnecessary.

Whether potential clients find your website depends on how and on where you place links to your website on the search engines. Infonia offers three-steps to ensure attendance of target groups.

1: Modify the contents

  • Most important is to have custom content always
  •  If the texts are chosen poorly, negatively affects other publicity, and vice versa.

Infonia analyzes the content and recommends the distribution of texts, use of headings.

  • Set the header title
  • Linking links within pages

2: Link registration

The most important for Google or List to see that the site is widely referenced elsewhere

  • Arrange registration in Czech and foreign catalogs
  • Infonia registers carefully manually your links to hundreds of pages and catalogs, which ensures an increase in their assessment

3: PPC Campaigns

With Campaigns PPC (pay-per-click), which is paid for clicks, we guarantee reliable traffic on the site.

Infonia analyzes the competition and prepares the right words. The campaigns use the following services:

  • Google AdWords
  • SKlik
  • Etarget
  • Facebook

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